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Built on top of an AI powered SaaS platform & venture community.

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    To find your first true believers.

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    To discover unexpected αlphα.

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    To put your unique talents to use.

Our formula.

f3 = u2 + c6.

The right founders + The right ecosystems + The right values.
Plus a community organized by ai powered saas software.

Where we look.

We veer away from the cliche, saturated, choppy ‘red oceans’ where most capital converges. We navigate our way to clear blue oceans; unexplored, untapped domains; where world class, talented founders are diligently building unnoticed.

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    Undiscovered Founders

    We like to meet founders in the early days of the idea maze, to help validate the "lone nut."

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    Under Appreciated Ecosystems

    We tap into ignored and under-explored ecosystems; places, networks, talent pools and affinity groups for 'Hidden Figures'.

Who we look for.

Misunderstood and Underestimated founders come from all parts of the world and from all walks of life. They are New grads, Corporate refugees, Genius technicians, Perceptive hackers, Social hustlers. They are Women, People of Color, Asian, Latino/a, Indigenous, Immigrant, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities, Aging and Rural Caucasian Men.
They are people of every race and creed, some from financially insecure backgrounds;
and some just appen to live in economically displaced places.
We tap into these networks and identify the diamonds in the rough.

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    the Survivalists.

    “I had to start this company”

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    the SME Tinkerer.

    “I know this space better than anyone”

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    the Corporate Refugee.

    “I knew more than my managers”

Who we work with.

Startups are a team sport. Founders need to build teams, hire specialists and find the right type of capital. We’re building a network of Funders & Friends who have the skills and expertise our founders need. Let's conspire to help founders.

What we deliver.

We believe founders from all backgrounds can create successful companies.
f3 will positively improve the conditions that increase the likelihood of success.

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    To educate, entertain & inspire.

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    To change your trajectory.

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    To build & grow together.

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    To find & grow with the right kind of funding.

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    To create a delightful experience
    for everyone.

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    An under appreciated value when building a company.

How to get involved.

f3 Platform

f3 = founders, funders & friends.
The simple answer to your complex startup questions.

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